New Website

Hi, as my first post I thought to begin at the start (after all the blog is about the website, not me I think?)

I installed WordPress onto domain host servers using Cpanel. Configured the install to be the IP instead of URL as still waiting for them (hosts) to set up DNS.

Looking to use the site for my own training and improve my understanding of IT/Web/Cloud stuff in areas I am curious to know more about. Not anything too specific yet. I am not in the IT Industry so please excuse what will no doubt be a significant amount of errors in this and subsequent posts!

Oh, as it’s more hobby based, I want to keep everything as free $ wise as possible too!

Once WordPress was installed I added Jetpack and AMP plugins and then decided to wright this which means it took about 5 minutes beofre I changed my mind as I was not going to blog anything. But here we are!

Won’t do much more just now in case I have to start again when the DNS is working!

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