Domain Registered

My Domain ( registration completed so I followed up on this WordPress install which I had done using the IP address (which I was concerned might mean it no longer worked or might need to be moved to a differnt folder on the cpanel/file manager)
When I typed my domain name into a web browser my site still came up but within the wordpress admin panel the address was still the IP
I’ve had issues with DNS and chaging WordPress install directories, however today it seemed to be an easy couople of clicks using the General Settings of the WordPress Admin panel.
In General settings the entries in the WordPress Address URL and the Site Address URL were both the same and were what I had selected at the time of the install and so were http://[IP Address]/[install folder] so I changed both to be half expecting the shoe thign to crash, but was logged put and asked to log back in butthis time to and seems good to go!

WordPress seems good. It’s free so as far as a CMS (Content Management System) goes its hard to complain I guess! I’ve used it for a couple of years now and this is the first non-commercial site I’ve made with it. Previousl I’ve created one commercial site and managed one other which had WordPress already.

I added an online store for a Winery website, but it was with Joomla. I found Joomla to be more technical to set up an e-commerce solution, and not as many plugins (or Components) or as many integrations available, but I liked the Blog setup and Modules made for some awesome page designs that help maintian a with a site with multiple pages as you could switch parts of one ore more pages on or off all or none type thing.

One day keen to have a look at others like Drupal, but will continue on this site.

Next I want to add a better static page editor and then connect Google Analytics and… Users thats what I was thinking. I want to turn that off or have it done some other way. In the unlikley event someone actually signed up I dont want the user info in WordPress without being able to manage any mailouts or things like that so would want Mailchimp or something like that set up.


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