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This is the personal web page and blog of Bruce Johns from Perth, Western Australia.  
My blog is most likely going to cover topics closely related to basic web design using WordPress, e-commerece and online shopping using drop shipping. Google Search and Marketing, SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365.

I am a fan of useful out of the box features that for whatever reason may not be as commonly used or thought of as that useful so showing that they are is fun (for me, at least) to use in everyday life and not just at work.

And why not use API’s for everything! lol  

I’m currently developing an online shopping “hub” using a WordPress Multi Site installation “On Page One”.

Initially I will create 3 or 4 themed stores which will all sell “drop shiping” manifest/products. And then packaging that experience of product creation, branding, design, marketing etc into a new pre-configured theme offering Pop Up Shops so that someone wanting to be up and selling a small amount of products or a one off launch/event via a one page landing page or wants to test an idea or product in the market before doing there own major instalation could do so via the Shopping Hub “On Page One”

Each option/ idea would be up and running in the time it might take fill out an online form and click “Open Shop” with the cost being comparitvely very low. 

It is interesting to see if and how quickly, cheaply and easily an online solution as good as any competitors site. I’ll let you know how it is oing thru posts on this bloig and hopefully soon you can have a look and let me know what youy think.


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